List of Publications

In preparation...

"Early HIV infection predictions: role of viral replication errors," with Alan S. Perelson.

"HIV risk in the presence of opiates," with Naveen Vaidya.

"Stochastic analysis of viral dynamics after treatment cessation in SIV-infected macaques," with Alejandra Herrara-Reyes (lead author) and Dan Coombs.

Published or submitted for publication

J.M. Conway and A.S. Perelson, "Residual viremia in treated HIV+ individuals," to appear in PLoS Computational Biology.

B. Konrad, D. Taylor, J.M. Conway, G. Ogilvie, and D. Coombs, "On the duration of the period between exposure to HIV and detectable infection," submitted.

T.T. Immonen, J.M. Conway, E. Romero-Severson, A.S. Perelson, and T. Leitner, "Recombination facilitates survival of latent HIV-1 lineages in the replicating population," PLoS Computational Biology 11(2015), e1004625. link

J.M. Conway and A.S. Perelson, "Post-treatment control of HIV infection," PNAS 112(2015): 5467-5472. link

L. Canini, S. DebRoy, Z. Mariño, J.M. Conway, G. Crespo, M. Navasa, M. D'Amato, P. Ferenci, S.J. Cotler, and A.S. Perelson, "Severity of liver disease affects hepatitis C virus kinetics in patients treated with intravenous silibinin monotherapy," Antiviral Therapy 20(2015): 149-155.

J.M. Conway and A.S. Perelson, "A hepatitis C virus infection model with time-varying drug effectiveness: solution and analysis," PLoS Computational Biology 10(2014): e1003769. link

L. Canini, J.M. Conway, A.S. Perelson, and F. Carrat, "Impact of different oseltamivir on treating influenza A virus infection and resistance emergence: insights from a modeling study," PLoS Computational Biology 10(2014), e1003568. link

J.M. Conway, B.P. Konrad, and D. Coombs, "Stochastic analysis of pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis against HIV infection," SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 73(2013): 904-928. link

J.M. Conway et al., "Vaccination against 2009 pandemic H1N1 in a population dynamical model of Vancouver, Canada: timing is everything," BMC Public Health 11(2011): 932. link

J.M. Conway and D. Coombs, "A stochastic model of latently infected cell reactivation and viral blip generation in treated HIV patients," PLoS Computational Biology 7(2011): e1002033 (2011). link

J.M. Conway and H. Riecke, "Superlattice Patterns in the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation with Multi-Resonant Forcing," SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems 8(2009): 977-1004. link

J.M. Conway, "Complex Patterns in Oscillatory Systems," Ph.D. thesis, Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 2008. link

J.M. Conway and H. Riecke, "Quasipatterns in a Model for Chemical Oscillations Forced at Multiple Resonance Frequencies," Physical Review Letters 99(2007): 218301. link

J.M. Conway and H. Riecke, "Multiresonant forcing of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation: Pattern selection," Physical Review E 76(2007): 057202. link