Math 141H, Section 001: Honors Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (Spring 2015)

Instructor: Dr. Jessica M. Conway.
Lectures: MTWF 11:15am-12:05pm, Willard 208.
Office hours: McAllister 332, Mondays 3:30-5:30pm, Fridays 12:30-1:30 + by appointment.
Email: jmconway (at) psu (dot) edu
Phone: (814)865-7527

PSU offers Mathematics drop-in and online tutoring, Calculus included!
Details available at
Course Syllabus available HERE.

Math 141 syllabus and materials available HERE.

Text: Calculus (Single Variable), Seventh Edition, (OR) Calculus, Seventh Edition, by James Stewart, published by Thomson (Brooks/Cole).
Alternatives to purchasing the book:
An electronic version of the text (e-text) is available chapter by chapter, online.
You can also rent a copy from amazon.

We will cover chapters 6, 7, 10, and 11. Chapter 9 will also be discussed if there's time.

Additional materials: We will be using MATLAB for numerical computations, available for free as a WebApp at Alternatively you may use the software of your choice, for example Python, Julia, Octave, R, etc.

Homework and quiz solutions will be posted on ANGEL.


  • (12/01/2015) Welcome to Math 141H!

  • Exam Dates:

  • Midterm test 1 (subject to change): Friday Feb 13, in class.

  • Midterm test 2 (subject to change): Friday April 3, in class.

  • Final exam: Wednesday May 6, 6:50-8:40pm, in 360 Willard.

  • Grading

    100 points (20%) from homework assignments and quizzes + 20 points (4%) from seminar reports + 115 points (23%) for Midterm 1 + 115 points (23%) for Midterm 2 + 150 points (30%) from the Final Exam = 500 points (100%).


  • 15 minutes, every Wednesday, based on the previous week's homework.
  • We'll drop the lowest two quizzes to calculate the final quiz grade.
  • Solutions will be posted on ANGEL.


  • due each week at the beginning of the Tuesday class.
  • Each week's homework listed in the lecture outline table below.
  • Solutions will be posted on ANGEL. Homework problems are listed here and also on ANGEL.

  • Seminar reports

  • You are required to attend 2 math seminars, outside of lecture, and turn in a report.
  • Lists of available seminars can be found here and here. I recommend the CCMA Luncheon Seminar but it's up to you. The PSU Math Club also occasionally hosts talks by faculty.
  • Seminar report template: link.

  • Documents

  • (20/01/2015) Set of Proof-by-induction practice problems: link. Solutions will be posted in a few weeks.
  • (23/01/2015) Newton Cooling example from lecture. Approach is the same as the radioactive decay example. link.
  • (27/01/2015) A nice crash course in Matlab, written by Adam Attarian at NC State. May be helpful.
  • (8/02/2015) Tricks for integration. May be helpful.
  • (8/02/2015) Trig identities and basic integration formulas sheet. Will be provided for Quiz 4, Midterm 1, and Final Exam.
  • (11/02/2015) From Math 141: More Integrals. Solutions posted on ANGEL.
  • (11/02/2015) Practice exam, and solutions.
  • (11/02/2015) Solutions to Proof-by-induction problems from 20/01/2015.
  • (16/02/2015) Related rates handout.
  • (11/02/2015) Indeterminate differences examples: link.

  • Lecture Schedule

    Note: this schedule is tentative. I will adjust as the semester proceeds so that it reflects our actual progress.

    Week Topic Reading Homework Problems
    January 12 Introduction
    VI. Inverse functions: inverse functions, exponential functions

    6.1 - 6.2 Homework 1
    January 19
    VI. Inverse functions: Logarithmic functions and derivatives, exponential growth and decay

    6.3 - 6.5 Homework 2
    January 26
    Types of growth: semilog and loglog plotting with data
    VI. Inverse functions: inverse trigonometric functions
    VII. Techniques of integration: integration by parts

    6.6, 7.1 Homework 3
    Matlab code, to modify for the homework
    (Anything on a line after an ampersand & is a "comment" that Matlab ignores; there are lots of comments to help you with this part of the homework.)
    Excel file, alternative to Matlab code.
    February 2
    VII. Techniques of integration: trigonometric integrals, trigonometric substitutions, integration of rational functions by partial fractions

    7.2 - 7.4 Homework 4
    February 9
    VII. Techniques of integration: other integration techniques

    Midterm 1 review

    MIDTERM 1 on Friday

    7.5 Midterm 1 Review Problems

    Practice Midterm 1, solutions.
    February 16
    VI. Inverse functions: indeterminate forms and L'Hopital's rule
    VII. Techniques of integration: improper integrals

    6.8, 7.8 Homework 5
    February 23
    Numerical methods of integration using MATLAB

    7.7 Homework 6
    Code: Hw6Num1f.m, Hw6Num1v.m
    March 2
    XI. Infinite series and sequences: sequences and series

    11.1 - 11.2 Homework 7
    March 9

    -- --
    March 16
    XI. Infinite series and sequences: integral test, comparison test, alternating series

    11.3 - 11.5 Homework 8
    March 23
    XI. Infinite series and sequences: absolute & conditional convergence, root & ratio test, power series

    11.6 - 11.8 Homework 9
    March 30
    XI. Infinite series and sequences: Representation of functions as power series

    MIDTERM 2 on Friday

    11.9 Midterm overview

    Midterm 2 Review Problems

    Practice Midterm 2, solutions.
    April 6
    XI. Infinite series and sequences: Taylor and MacLaurin series

    11.10 - 11.11 Homework 10
    April 13
    X. Parametric equations and polar coordinates: curves defined by parametric equations, Calculus with parametric curves.

    10.1, 10.2 Homework 11
    April 20
    X. Parametric equations and polar coordinates: polar coordinates, areas in polar coordinates

    10.2 - 10.4 Homework 12
    April 27

    Jessica M. Conway / Department of Mathematics / Pennsylvania State University